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From: Man Loving
Subject: Early AmericaEarly America
By Man LovingI'm daydreaming again in my survey of American History class. We're
studying the economic and ethnic dynamics of the slave trade upon both the
West African tribes people and colonial America. I which I could be there,
not actually involved, but invisible, floating around seeing first-hand
what people did, how it was.Being an always horny dude who just so happens to be queer, I want to know
all the things that didn't get written down for posterity. Even more, I
want to know those things that might have been written about, but have been
purposely censored by heterosexist historians.The picture of my history professor pops in my mind."Yea, you white man," I think to myself. "How many of our fore fathers
long ago supplied themselves for the sexual pleasure of black men? Truly
Mr. Johansen, how many white guys gave hole to black brothas in the land
before America became more civilized? The thought triggers a hard on in my
pants right there in class. This isn't my first time fantasizing about
black and white sex in the olden days.I can imagine being one of the many slave master's sons dropping cloth and
bending over for wild breeding. Oh, yea! I see their sweet milky white
bodies glistening while the midnight colored black bull of a man slithers
his log down their throats. I see the pretty white babes on their knees
behind the slave shacks -- the Adam's apple in their throats is going up
and down as they drink African semen from the orgasm controlled bodies of
the black man-beasts.The scene changes and I fast-forward somehow to another one. A muscled
negro is before me. He's an obscenely built fucker, probably because his
body chews up and spits out the "hard" work the master tries to break him
by. Now he's earned the master's trust and is in charge of the other
workers. He also gets to build his private shack. From him, this is like
a house in the country. No more trying to share a one-room trap with a
bunch of other folk. The man is huddled by a fire in a rickety
wood-burning stove.Master's teenage boy has snuck out of the house late this wintry night.
The old slave shacks don't heat too well. "This is wrong!" He says to
himself. "They are worthy, I will show them -- some teen young pre how, some way."I fly away as it seems this will take some time. I discover that
meanwhile, Spanish and red men in the south have been taking in negro
man-wives, or man-husbands who've run away from their masters. They are
beautiful specimens.
Not only are the negro men hung, the Spaniards and Indians are muscled
like horses and donkey hung. Even the "short" cocks are beer-can thick.I happen upon a trio, two Indians and a black man. They are inside a warm
dirt-mound hut. The black guy young teenie sex is on all fours and one red guy is at either
end. Both are making oral love to him, the one in front is in a deep mouth
sucking session and the other has his nose and tongue in the negro's ass.
He reaches forward and tweaks the brown tits of the negro. Soon they have
black guy on his back. One is squatting on his ass on black man's mouth.
The short, bone-straight soft black hairs of the Indian's ass scratches the
black man's nose.Red guy in the rear now has his 9" sausage worming its way in chocolate
buns. The fuck advances as black guy is thoroughly plowed front and rear.
The scene is most beautiful. Black man arches his ass and spread his knees
out wide. He is open, literally in his rear. His hole is about 4" dilated
as the red cylinder glides in to the pubic hairs then out to the rim of the
uncut head. The sound of male grunting and groaning bounces off the inside
of the mud-made hut.The young porno baby Indian's are talking nasty to their black male-squaw and somehow I hear
it in my own language. "The spirits have given you to us. We plow you as
we plow the ground. We plant our seed that our love will bare fruit in
you. Our seed will live in you and if the spirits smile on us, you will
bare many teen young pre papoose. I love the way their differently darken bodies blend
together.Over and over throughout the night really young boys when the run-away slave wakes up in a
fit of fear that his mean master has caught him, adult bang young
one or the other braves
slides his penis inside of the new male-vagina. His rectum hurts a little,
but laying on his sides, he willingly spreads his legs like a wish-bone.
"Hungry again," one of them says as he lifts up one of the negro's legs.
The negro doesn't understand this language yet, it is only a matter of
months till his mind begins to more fully comprehend his new language. The
slave has never been owned so thoroughly where it counts. There is already
a quart of cum in his rectum, and a few tablespoons of semen in his stomach
after one particularly deep fuck earlier this evening. The ex-slave is now
in good hands, he enjoys his new life for sure as I see him arch his back
toward one of his Indian husbands. He swallows the penis deep in his
rectum.I'm bi young girls about to cry with joy for the wonderful male-love that men of old, men
of troubled times have enjoyed.The flying and floating mechanism that has brought me here kicks in again
and I'm soon hovering above a small cluster of mud huts. Stars twinkle in
the deep dark sky. Higher, and still higher I go. I cannot see an urban
center anywhere in site for there are only small towns, and their lights
quickly blur and fade as my distance from the ground increases. I hear a
pop and suddenly I'm back at the former plantation.Winter has turned into spring. Today, the same young white man has innocent young thumbs gone to
the creek where he knows the black slaves will come to rest at evening. In
his society, it is a perverse thought to mingle with the negro animals --
but he must do it. They are worthy, they too must have pleasure in their
lives. He can't send them all away on a pleasure vacation, but he does
have something of worth.Soon the men and boys have arrived just after eating the scant morsels of
food. They lounge, resting their tired muscles.The young man is just a young teen learning about life. However, he's
realized over past few months knows one thing, he must be a mare for negro
men. He unites will their suffering and through his mouth and anal
orifices they will rise to the glory that is rightfully theirs. They will
be fellow humans.The gratis young porn young white man has been hiding in the bush but first one then another
of those Negro men catch site of him. When all eyes are finally on him, he
slowly stands up then lifts his top over his head, revealing his creamy
white torso. He then loosens the straps that hold up his pants -- and they
fall. They are unable to see him below the waist for the tall weeds but
they know that a naked white man stands just a few feet away from them.This is most terrible. Is it a setup? Is a posse hiding out waiting on
one of them to young porn list make a move so they can give a bashing? No, it is only young teenie sex the
one young man and the only thing any of the midnight colored men can look
forward to young boys butts
is his hot body and willing innards to call home. His rectum
will be a secret home or else he will be shipped off to military school or
to the frontier if his young porno baby poppa gets wind of his desires.Right now the wind is lifting white boy's scent and teasing the flaring
nostrils of the black men before you. It is the chemistry of breeding,
like safari animals in heat. Animal instincts are at work in all of the
men.Nature is at work in the young white man. His mouth waters, his anal gates
one two and three from outer to the furthest one inside of his young toples photos
guts are
spasming open and close in anticipation of the wild, lighting-quick
breeding this will be. Slower love-making and service will come later.At this same time at least 30 other white boys and men across this state
alone either have negro cock stretching their pink butt chutes or their
milky white sticks are stirring deep inside of negro male anal furnaces.Yes, this is a hidden part of history. All the men of long ago who've
mated together. All the seminal injections between black and white men in
early America. White man-cum blasting out of white cock to lodged deep
inside negro men's asses and all the white men who carried the sperm of
negro men deep in their guts. This is the untold story young latina teens of freedom, the
freeing of both whites and blacks.And so, first one, then another approaches our young white hero.*Sniff, sniff*Each one who draws near the real young teen young white man catches the smell of bitch in
the air, man-bitch, fully man yet young nude tgp made to provide hole front and rear.
These negroes are like beautiful black panthers. As they see the young
man's hard white cock they know that this young casting porn
is the time, that he is the
chosen one of his own choosing to bless them with his body. They will be
healed by the pleasure they experience inside of him and gods will grant
him a blessing in spasming twitching sphincters and prostate, erect
nipples, salivating mouth and skin that's on fire to the touch.It is here that one by one, hard negro dong parts and plugs his pink anal
Down in the weeds on all fours, horse-like black cock pushes past his
tonsils while another tries to curve up through his colon in the rear. He
is thoroughly hooked fore and aft, a beautiful filling of white icing,
between dark bread. They plant their seed in him, he is their secret bitch,
the playground for their penises. He is ferocious in need to be used.
Laying on his back, far out of site thanks to the tall grass, he opens his
mouth and spreads his legs. He jacks his 8" white pole as a total of a
foot and a half of penis enters young girls thong him through mouth and rectum. This would
be paradise if he could live here in the grass, totally bred with negro
male slaves. From now on, years to come, even if he must marry a pretty
southern bell as custom must have it, he will be here for his negro men.
This place, this act, is his glory.Mist covers the screen of my mind's eye. I feel like I've been in a
sanctuary, a holy place where only a few can enter. The spirits let us
enter because we know. We are they who have been hidden from out history
books. Not only did the benevolent straight white man or woman help the
Negroes. It was also fag white boys like you and me who taught them how to
read, and write then turned around and gave negro bulls pussy, and to negro
male-cunts we cock. Bless those saints, black, red and white. All the
white men who've opened throat and rectum, who plowed the oral and anal
throats of wonderful for black men who've made sure that it really happened
and isn't a dream or fantasy.
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